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Threads Med endeavor to have everybody leave our site fulfilled and blissful About Us. In this way, We are developing consistently with new items and fluctuating amounts. Nonetheless, We offer helpful, spotless, reasonable, productive, agreeable, protected, cautious, reliable, and just Ideal to all our loved clients.

Who  We Are?

We are enthusiastic professors in the recuperating powers of the world’s abundance. The possibility that normal strategies for alleviating torment, stress, unwinding and delight are the most un-obtrusive, and, at last, the most manageable. With the goal that others could encounter the advantages of protected, compelling non-drug cures.


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Strings drug is a UK based web-based drug store and physicist, where you can arrange solution medicines and medication on the web. With greymeds.com you’re well taken care of whether you want a recurrent remedy or a solitary treatment. Our administration permitting clients to purchase doctor prescribed prescription online is worked around three support points. Right off the bat, we put the wellbeing, security and prosperity of our patients at the focal point of all that we do. 

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