Shipping Policy

  • Delivery Info

Medicine Specialist handles your conveyance with care, productivity and a comprehension for your security.

  • Next day delivery

We would rather not keep you pausing. With our 24 hour conveyance administration, on the off chance that your request is supported by 3 PM on a work day, you ought to accept your bundle in 24 hours or less.

Discreet packaging

Medicine Specialist figures out your requirement for security. Your solution will be bundled in a carefully designed, plain white box, which is then fixed in a dim conveyance sack.

Track your delivery

Know where your bundle is before it shows up. When your request is apportioned from our UK enlisted drug store, you will get an interesting following number. You can then follow your conveyance directly from our drug store to your entryway.


Accepting your package

Upon the arrival of conveyance, there should be a grown-up matured 18 or over at home to finish paperwork for your bundle.The messenger will offer you elective choices in the event that you figure you may not be accessible to get the bundle on the day.